Durga Puja Wishes


Basically Durga puja occures in the months of September/October. It is known as Navaratri or Dashera in different parts of India but it is mostly the biggest festival in Bengal. Here is the list of Durga Puja Wishes for devotees of Maa Durga. Many educated people are orthodox in their thoughts when Durga Puja is concerned. People celebrates it by sending Durga Puja Wishes to each other. Checkout our collection of Durga Puja Wishes given below :

Durga Puja Wishes

Durga Puja Wishes

Durga Puja Wishes : 1
Ambe Maa tu jagdambe kali, Jay durge khapar wali!
Teri hi gun gawe bharati, Ye maiya hum sab utare teri aarati!
Charan saran mein khande tumhari, Le puja ki thali!
Bas hath sar par rakh do, Maa Durga sankat harne wali!

Durga Puja Wishes : 2
Ashirwad bado ka,
pyar dosto ka,
duaen sabki,
karuna rabki,
“Shubh Durga Puja”

Durga Puja Wishes : 3
Suraj ki kirne khushiyon ki bahar
Chand ki chandni, apno ka pyar
Sagar ki lahre, hahro ka sansar
Mubarak ho aapko Durga Puja ka tyohar
Durga Puja ki hardik shubhkamnaey.!

Durga Puja Wishes : 4
A-Akhand jyoti
V-Vighna nashak
A-Anand dayi
T-Trikal darshi
R-Rakshan karti
A-Anand mayi
May Maa Nav Durga bless u.

Durga Puja Wishes : 5
Lakshmi ka hath ho
Saraswati ka sath ho
Ganesh ka niwas ho
Maa durga ka aashirwad ho
Aur aapke jeevan mai prakash hi prakash ho!
“Happy Durga Puja”

On Durga Puja 2011 send Durga Puja Wishes to your loved people and make them happy by your Durga Puja Wishes.

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